Stop showing Social Share Counts


Graphical issues on social buttons because of Twitter.
No exact informations without paid or count by yourself.

What’s up?

Twitter removed API endpoint for get share count about link (source).

How to solve that?

There is solutions:

  • create an account on GNIP (GNIP belongs to Twitter) and pay 300$ per month (price is not public and this price appears on this post in 2011)
  • using free web services using GNIP. We don’t know how they works, no word about future economy model
  • Twitter advices using their stream API and count by yourself
  • Twitter advices also to use their search API, but you only have the seven last days and only on public profile
  • compute an approximate value describe here

What’s the problem?

Twitter remove an important information, and you have to pay or to count by yourself to retrieve that.
Before getting this information was done by a simple call on an url and response was sent in JSON.

For little website is not a real problem but not for others using it.
You can’t know your impact on Twitter about your article / website.

They have also graphical issues:
Graphical problem with Social Share Counts

Weird space


No shares on Twitter?


Twitter broken?

Count box design

No more box

What to do?

Remove counters for all social networks.

I want to keep counters!

So you have to use one of thoses solutions listed above.

Compute approximate value

  1. Take maximum and minimum social counters.
  2. Compute average value
  3. Add a random value between 0% and 50% of the maximum counter value