If you work on Windows just drop WampServer and use Neard.
Go to the part when I explain how to use it!


During my streams lot of people ask me what I’m using on Windows for my web developement.
So I present you Neard, the Wamp killer

All the versions of binaries

Why I’m using this?

I used to work on Windows with WampServer, but I just have one version of Apache, PHP, and MySql with phpmyadmin
But in my work I use Git, Nodejs and different PHP version
So I searched a tool with all of theses and I found Neard

It’s a big toolbox composed of Apache PHP and MySql AND MORE :

  • Filezilla in server mode
  • MariaDB
  • Node.js
  • Adminer (phpmyadmin in one file)
  • GitList
  • phpMyAdmin
  • Webgrind
  • WebSVN
  • Composer
  • Console2 + TCC/LE
  • Git
  • HostsEditor
  • ImageMagick
  • SVN
  • XDebugClient

Some tools but there is more

You can change versions of all thoses tools
For example you can change the PHP version between 5.2.17 and 7.0.5

You can also add a virtual host by using the little wizard provided, it will do:

  1. edit hosts file for adding the new domain
  2. add virtual host with port 80 and 443
  3. activate a specific log for error and access
  4. restart apache

You can generate SSL certificate

And all this stuff is manageable with your mouse. Yeah! No command line!

How to start?

In 3 steps :

  1. First you have to download the lastest version of Neard here:
  2. Then you extract the zip in a folder
  3. Finally you launch neard.exe

What does it do on startup?

Neard add variables in global system environment for all the binaries: Apache, Composer, PHP, SVN, Git
It’s very useful because you can use thoses binaries in command line.
Neard will start all the services you want to use, by default it’s Apache, MySql and MariaDB
Finally you have a little icon in your notification bar, it’s Neard

Neard Menu

You can manage all your services with a left click on the icon

You change Neard settings with the right click

I want to clone a Git repository

First of all create a folder .ssh in your user folder C:\Users\myuseraccount\
Put your ssh keys here, you can add config file for using different keys belong to differents remote hosts
Or you can just create an ssh key by using the console provided by Neard

Now you can open the git console and use git commands by left clicking on the icon > Tools > Git

How to change PHP version

For example I want PHP 7.0.5

Download this repository:
Extract the zip and copy folder C:\path\to\zip\bin\php7.0.5
Paste it in C:\neard\bin\php
Now you can reload Neard and change the PHP version by left clicking > PHP > Versions > 7.0.5

Nota bene: You have to install Apache 2.4 when you want to use PHP 5.5 and superior

If you want to see compatibility table and more informations:

Sorry there is more simple way to do that, you can donwload directly the right bundle for the right Neard version with this link:

What next?

In the next version there will be more tools included in Neard like:

  • Drush : Drupal tool
  • PHPUnit
  • PHPMetrics
  • WP-CLI : WordPress tool
  • MailHog : email tool